We Are Minting℠ (w/ Gary Palmer Jr.);
We help you Create & Manage Digital Asset Tokens
via Blockchain Technology & Distributed Ledger Technology.

We offer SAAS services, featuring the “Digital Tokenization” of physical or
virtual digital assets (fungible & non-fungible), & cryptocurrency.

Minting℠ helps you Tokenize your
Digital Utility, Asset, or Securities Tokens
(Note: Securities Tokens Require “SEC Compliant” Paperwork).

With us at Minting℠, we have the systems &
the technology to “tokenize assets”
(virtual or physical)
via Digital Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

We Can Help Businesses & Corporations.
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Minting℠ (We help you tokenize & manage Blockchain assets.)
Minting℠ (We help you tokenize & manage Blockchain assets.)

Minting℠ offers technological consulting & services,
for your Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Objectives, to help you with the digital tokenization,
of your physical or virtual assets.

Together, we are tokenizing the world!
From “Real Estate” to “VR Estates”, with Minting℠, anything & everything can be tokenized
(into a crypto-coin, or crypto-token),
which includes physical or virtual assets.

Learn About Digital Currency

Start learning about “peer-to-peer digital assets” (digital currency, digital cash, and cryptocurrency)! Learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, including new blockchains and digital tokens being created.

Secure Your Future

Begin securing your part of the future, before Blockchain technology (like Bitcoin) reaches the “tipping point of mass adoption” and awareness! Now is the time to become aware, for yourself and community.

Connect with People

Start building new connections with other people who care about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology! Join our community and connect with good people, who have questions and answers to share with you.
Gary Palmer Jr., Minting℠ & Minting Coins®
Gary Palmer Jr., Minting℠ & Minting Coins®


1-on-1 Meetings, In-person or Online

Why Are You here? Why is Crypto New & Different? (What is the utility of Bitcoin?)

It is your responsibility to govern your digital identity, your sovereignty, and your crypto-assets. Over the Next 5+ years, the world is going to Blockchain, everything. You need to understand Bitcoin—You need to be Minting Coins®.

If you want to “own your own” freedom, then this is done by understanding Bitcoin, Open Blockchain, and Digital Privacy. In just a few simple steps, you can be on your journey! Book your next consultation with me.

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We Are Minting Coins®!

With Minting Coins®, we are educating users (in-person & online), and
we’re helping them to control their Crypto/Tokens, process Blockchain payments, and participate in this new industrial order.

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In-person Meet-ups!

Bitcoin Meetups & Workshops (In Rochester, New York)


Knowledge is Power

In-person & Online. Get Information & Learn Application.

To be prepared for a surprise, is to be educated; To be prepared against surprise, is to be trained. We need to learn new knowledge, discuss it with others, and then practice it.

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Inflation is Loss

Inflation is the penalty for holding “fiat cash”. When more money is printed (or interest rates are reduced), it floods the market with cash, which raises inflation long-term.

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Inflation is Loss Money
Community is Strength

Community is Strength

Strength is always Community. If we are going to win this, then we are going to win this together. The strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

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Blockchain is Freedom

For the first time in history, there are now “decentralized peer-to-peer systems, for trusted transactions”, independent of any 3rd party institution, government, or server.

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Blockchain is Freedom

Together, We Are Minting Coins®

Success is measured in different ways, based on the objectives of your vision. While making money is an important component of any system, it’s more important to define “your vision for success”, based on your end-mission.

For me, while money is a goal, I know money is not my ultimate objective or measure of success. For me, sharing information and building community are my primary objectives. My mission is based on my values of community, connection, and compassion.

My mission is to give you clarity about cryptocurrency, and to bring people together. I have a vision where we share information with each other, and we use this information to help ourselves and also the world. Please consider joining us, today!

Our Team

Gary Palmer Jr.

Gary Palmer Jr.

Adriana Skura

Adriana Skura

Nona Emanon

Nona Emanon

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