As the Bitcoin Price is Booming, we see New all-time highs for Bitcoin, with Major Factors of Growth, despite the FUD that continues to be splattered everywhere.

And even with the excitement of a $10,000 Bitcoin, or a $27,000 Bitcoin, we are being told there is just no demand for Bitcoin or Ethereum, but those existing currencies may likely become crypto-currencies. Since they want there to be a central issuer of their version of cryptocurrency, whereas blockchain technology is trusted peer-to-peer.

But could there be the demand? Could there be a rush of wealth to Bitcoin? And can we expect to see the roll-out of the centralized fiat-token, like the USB USC token, as soon as 2018? Let’s Discuss!

As of today, One milli-Bitcoin unit, which is .001 BTC is worth more than $5 US Dollars. So, as the Wealthy gain Curiosity about Bitcoin, is it possible for there will ever be cause for a rush to the exits, for a rush to Bitcoin?

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