After years of banks calling Bitcoin a fraud or a Ponzi scheme, at some point, as the customers of the banks start to feel or worse, to know that have been missing the boat, these banking clients may get upset as they see the rockets start lift-off on mainstream media TV, …and the FOMO starts hit-hard.

And we are seeing in the news, Goldman Sachs will likely Stampede into Bitcoin very soon; And Bankers are giddy for Blockchain, as Trillions! in Derivatives, And Quadrillions! in Securities Transactions, will make more money, than ever before, and faster, than ever before.

It’s more clear than ever, Wall Street Can No Longer Dismiss Bitcoin, since the Demand is Too High….And this means you can’t dismiss it either. Mark Cuban is giving tips on how to get rich, and it includes buying bitcoin.

So, What are the risks, of risking what we can afford to lose now, And if everything changes like a Black-Monday Black-Swan Event, what are the risks of doing nothing.

Let’s Discuss!

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