I’m back from my trip to Warsaw, Poland, and I am more fired-up and excited than ever before! We have so many people in the cryptocurrency industry, but we don’t have nearly enough of us, to do the work that is required — Work to support our shared mission, of bringing Bitcoin & cryptocurrency adoption to mainstream users, across the world.

I believe, everyone, is essentially an awesome person, with shared values, built on the respect of life and liberty, and for each of us, the opportunity, to provide a beautiful life, for ourselves and our families, and each other.

But Far too often, false division occurs, and persons are divided. While the mission is the same, sides are created based on class, race, nationality, sex or gender — and most of all sides are created based on a false sense fear — Fears of which, Napoleon Hill said, are nothing more than a state of mind. Yet, fear is also a state of chaos, and as we all know, chaos a ladder, but a ladder to the wrong goal.

Since in a world, where so much is set, to divide and concur us, to discredit each other, or to highlight our differences, Blockchain is going to win, and Blockchain is going to win because we are not focused on destroying the old, or each other,
or eating or feeding the FUD —

Blockchain, or any movement, is going to win because we join together because we focus on building the new, and our mission together, and because as leaders of Blockchain Technology, instead of falling into the pits of knocking each other down, we lift each other up.

Let’s Discuss!

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