A Crisis is Coming: USD Inflation + Interest Rates & Bitcoin Regulations ♥

As the Odds of a ‘bad outcome’ for economy have gone up (according to Goldman Sachs CEO), separately, while the US Federal Government is saying that Bitcoin regulation will not happen anytime soon, and the CFTF says we should tread lightly, more places in the EU are preparing to accept the Bitcoin industry.

Meanwhile, New York Fed Economists said, “If we lived in a dystopian world (without the trust of banks) that bitcoin might dominate existing payment methods”. Do these Economists remember 2008 financial crisis, and do they not recognize the struggle in real-world wages? It seems that Bitcoin is popular due to the LACK of trust in financial institutions, or for central banks to maintain the value of FIAT money. Therefore, it seems likely that bitcoin will dominate the world as a means of payment, based on what these Fed Economists are saying. Let’s Discuss!

In a rapidly changing world, let’s learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Technology, together in this video!

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