Interview with Robert Viglione of ZenCash ♥

As a public private and anonymous project, #ZENCASH is a secure & private platform for money, messages, & media. The #Zen platform includes the latest #PrivacyTechnology, and a self-sustaining funding model, with protocol-level solutions and partnerships with #IOHK. Zen is targeting money, messaging, media, and web traffic security.

Zen is a #privacy-oriented cryptocurrency hyper-focused on usability and designed for Long-Term Operation, with a 21 million ZenCash cap, NO premine, NO ICO, Thousands of Secure Nodes in operation (gaining 3.5% of the mining reward). Zen trumpets a Strong Cyberpunk Team & Representative Governance (from the #ZenBlockchainFoundation & IOHK research), which is in addition to several other projects. In today’s interview, we talk with Rob Viglione (#RobertViglione), Co-founder of ZenCash, and President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation.

In a rapidly changing world, let’s learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Blockchain Technology, together in this video!

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