ETH/Ether-ETN on Nasdaq Stockholm exchange, SegWit2x & Xapo drama + Vladimir Putin Loves Crypto for Russia:

Cryptos going mainstream? Crypto-Wallets are selling out? Just how high could bitcoin go? Like Bitcoin XBT, we have now had Ether-trading on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange; While we have so much contention around SegWit2x Xapo drama, China, and JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs may be signaling, they are ready to get into Bitcoin.

Despite how some news is given, Vladimir Putin is beyond “passionately fond” of crypto; demanding Central Banks & regulators “Not to Create Unnecessary Barriers to Cryptocurrencies” in Main Stream Russia.

So, with all this news across the world, How do we Define Blockchain? Who defines Blockchain? And will you be involved in the conversation? Lets Discuss!


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