About Us

We are everyone; We are each other. Everyone benefits when we have a strong community with other vested people, who we can trust & share knowledge.

Our Story

Gary Palmer Jr. started Minting Coins™ to help distribute information to people.

Minting Coins™ is here to facilitate a community of new insiders, with the safety of each other, as this industry is rapidly evolving.

Minting℠ ~ We help you tokenize & manage assets.

Together, We Are Minting Coins®

Success is measured in different ways, based on the objectives of your vision. While making money is an important component of any system, it’s more important to define “your vision for success”, based on your end-mission.

For me, while money is a goal, I know money is not my ultimate objective or measure of success. For me, sharing information and building community are my primary objectives. My mission is based on my values of community, connection, and compassion.

My mission is to give you clarity about cryptocurrency, and to bring people together. I have a vision where we share information with each other, and we use this information to help ourselves and also the world. Please consider joining us, today!

Community is Strength

The Minting℠ & Minting Coins® Team

Bitcoin ~ Ethereum ~ Chainlink ~ ENS ~ NFTs
GaryPalmerJr.eth, Chief Executive Officer
Adriana (Ada.eth), Chief Operating Officer
Anthony DeVola, Minting℠ & Minting Coins®
Anthony DeVola, Technology Developer
Scott Davignon, Minting℠ & Minting Coins®
Scott Davignon, Technology Engineer

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