Since the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 Rupee, India is jumping into the Blockchain faster than ever before. The people of India love the traditional gold, and now they are getting digital gold. The facts that Bitcoin is a store of value, remittance usage, and p2p payments, is also great for India. The Indian government and the Central Bank of India are forming an organization to analyze the situation, while the industry is doing the same with India’s “largest self-regulatory body”, the Digital Asset and Blockchain Foundation of India (DABFI).

Top US Business schools are incorporating blockchain classes into their curriculum. These are schools like New York University, Duke University, Georgetown, University of California-Berkeley, & UCLA. Both students and administrators realize “technology firms like Amazon have surpassed traditional Wall Street titans like Citigroup”; and that “even a working knowledge of blockchain can be a powerful tool for career advancement”. These schools are now realizing a new problem: “finding professors and lecturers who can speak on the subject with authority”.

Now is your opportunity to learn just as much, and get a head of the world. We see more and more countries jumping into both Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. If you are reading this before 2020, then you are an early adopter! Don’t stop now, keep on learning!…………

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