Bitcoin & Web3 IRL Events

Learn In-Person & Connect In Real Life Events.

Connect In Real Life Events

Bitcoin & Web3 Events. Learn In-Person & Connect In Real Life Events. (Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency)

The Bitcoin NYS℠ Meetup offers educational & social events to learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, & Blockchain technology. Learn how Bitcoin works, Learn best practices, Blockchain security & privacy, Learn the difference between Bitcoin & other Coins or Tokens. (Blockchain & Web3)

The Metaverse Setups℠ Meetup connects people with Web3, delivering events, speakers, workshops, & in-person community networking, to help you build your Web3 identity. It’s critical users learn how Web3 works, with best practices for Blockchain security & privacy.


Join the biggest community with millions of users and thousands of developers building their pages with Visual Composer and WordPress.


A comprehensive documentation that addresses all you need to know about Visual Composer – for beginners and professionals.

Advanced Options

Multiple options that allow you to do completely everything once it comes to WordPress and content management.


Made with security in mind, we constantly audit Visual Composer to meet the highest security standards.

Why Business Choose Visual Composer


Paula O'Reilly

Key Account Manager

My client loves how easy it is for them to manage their own site, after I set it up using Visual Composer page builder plugin for WordPress.


Anabella Thomson

Head of Development

This plug-in was/is one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made. One thing is certain. Code Canyon/WPBakery is on top of this gem.


Martin von Berdich

Chief Executive

Visual Composer is our number one requirement because of Visual Composer, our clients can manage their own website


Paula Smith

Head of Sales Department

In my opinion, this is the greatest advance of WordPress since it’s creation and is the most outstanding plugin on the market. (Minting℠ & Minting Coins®) © 2024 TechnoRealism, Inc., UCC § 1-308Privacy


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