The United Nations (UN) has completed initial tests on the Ethereum testnet, and they are continuing subsequent testing, to place the World Food Program (WFP) on the Bitcoin and/or Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the UN WFP system suffers from many-many fees, a lack of privacy for the recipients, and risks associated with relying on centralized or startup companies. By moving this system to the Ethereum blockchain, the UN will be able to empower beneficiaries, lower costs, and reduce redundancy in the system of UN services.

The technology being developed by the UN and the WFP is part of a more ambitious initiative to “make the UN’s services so resilient that they could survive even the destruction of the UN itself”. The stated goal of placing these services on the blockchain distributed ledger and system of smart contracts is to “deal with this in a way that even if the WFP did not exist in 10 years time the beneficiaries could still benefit from the system”.

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